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it had to happen eventually

October 12, 2005

I got called on in Civ Pro today.

I had read. I had even briefed. But I didn’t get to be on call for the “facts and issues” part of the class. I got to be on call for the “tell me why this is reasonable and available” part of class. Whee!

But I did OK. I only had to say “I’m actually not quite sure” once; and then, when someone else had pitched in a bit, I got to come back and finish it off by pulling the answer out of my…well, out of somewhere. (This professor would say my “intuition” was right. Of course, I used the word “nexus” in my response, so maybe that’s why he liked what I’d said.)

So I guess the circle is complete now. I’ve been knowingly on call in Crim and Torts. I’ve been cold-called in Civ Pro (though I knew my half of the alphabet was at risk this week). I contribute in Contracts, enough that I wasn’t called on as a “shy person” today.

Up and coming: Three midterms next week. Research log for my open memo due next Friday (must be done with partner). Online citation exercises due in two weeks. And regular reading assignments, of course.

Intervening distractions: In-laws visiting this weekend. Trip home next weekend. Interview for a position on a committee I’d really like to join early next week. (Actually, the application is due this weekend, including a statement of interest, so I have to write that before I can get an interview.)


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