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October 9, 2005

Nothing is guaranteed to shut down weekend productivity more than a Saturday afternoon hangover. Mr. Angst and I went to watch a football game at a local bar and we drank too much beer. And we were so excited by the final score that we each did a shot of Irish Whisky.

Three bottles of water and two Aleve later, I was sober but very unhappy. I went to bed. And I slept.

So today I have to do all my reading (honestly? don’t even know how many pages because I haven’t looked in my syllabi; I’m guessing I need to do at least 75 pages tonight). I also have to do something with my memo due Tuesday so I can run to office hours tomorrow if necessary.

But it’s almost 11 am and I haven’t begun any of that. Instead, I’ve been reading the news and blogs. First, there’s been another natural disaster. Twenty thousand are feared dead, and the toll is only going to rise. Second, people are still talking about a potential national disaster. (Jeremy has a good idea of a way to help Ms. Miers out with her Con Law cramming, though. I’d help, but I don’t take Con Law till next semester.)

I’m off to make some breakfast (“flappers,” to be specific; or, as a little boy I know would say, “pannacakes”). I need some coffee, too, before I can dig into those pages of reading hanging over my head.

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