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October 7, 2005

I didn’t want to slack off with the posting this week so much, but I’ve just been really busy. I thought I was on call in Torts yesterday, so I spent a lot of time preparing only to discover that I was actually on call for TODAY. So I had to spend that same amount of time preparing for today. (Um, by the way, I was on for Palsgraf, and I think I did pretty well. Whew!)

Also this week, I had a group project due in legal writing. So Thursday night, my group spent two hours in the library finishing up our stuff, and we had to present in class today. Yesterday afternoon, I also had conference with my legal writing prof for my closed memo—which, by the way, is due TUESDAY. I have much work to do on it still, so I think that’s going to eat up some of tomorrow and Sunday.

So, um, this is a fascinating post, I’m sure, but I’m just letting y’all know why posting has been so light. My muse also seems to have fled—unless anyone wants to hear my (only mildly informed) opinion on the “major life activity” requirement in the ADA, that is. No? Yeah, so posting remains light. I may ask for requests soon, just to make the reading more interesting for the twelve of you that are still popping in.

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